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Disc Brake Assembly | Disk Brake Assembly

Disc Brake Assembly
Disc Brake Assembly
Product Specification
* DISC usage
- parts of front axle and rear axle. It is a link in between the front and rear axle
*HUB usag
- parts of front axle. It is the part where front DISC and WHEEL is installed.
Product Quality

The brake system needed to reduce and stop the speed of the car usually uses the friction to reduce the speed. In order to have a safe friction constant which plays a great role in breaking system, the steel friction material is being used. Also, in order to improve its durability to heat, the vent type disc which has the vent for the air is being used.
Also, in order to minimize the JUDDER effect during breaking, a careful choice of material is required. Also, since this product needs high precision technique, it must by assembled by installing it to the HUB.

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