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As the representative of my co-workers at Hyolim Industrial.co.,LTD, I wish an eternal happiness to the families of those who have visited this website. Our company’s goal is to serve the local area and the nation for over 100 years. Our company shares hopes and dreams with others by becoming one within ourselves. Since 1998, our company marked the growth rate of 50% per year. Such growth is very rare in the manufacturing industry, and we still strive to be the leader of car parts industry area.
The principle spirit of Hyolim has to do with creating values through change. Therefore, we offer English educations as well as other educations to our workers in order to be prepared for global competitive market.
The major product of our company has to do with car parts, specialized in disks, knuckles, wheel, carrier, propeller, and shaft. All of these products’ function has to do greatly with the safety, and our company sells them to the major car manufacturing companies around the world.
As of now, 2005, we have obtained many international quality certifications such as QS2000/ISO9002, TSI6949. We are also putting a great effort in creating research area for our company and developing new technologies through joint research. We are also acknowledged highly in terms of social service by winning the awards like Technology Award from Small and Medium Business Administration, Prospect Company selected by ChoHong Bank, Award from the Minister of Small and Medium Business Administration, Award from Minister of Finance and Economy, Award from Minister of National Tax Service, and 1st place of Small and Medium Companies in Kyungsangbukdo.
Along with it, we are putting a lot of effort in community services by servicinig the near by area of Kyungbuk Yeongchun Nazareth Town.


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