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Technology Status

R&D and Credibility Development capacity and technology history Joint Research with other companies
Research lab member structure
Research Director
Research Director Design Team Test Team
Team Members Team Members Team Members
Scheduling, Pre-Process Flow, Design Cost, Development Layout, Strength, Parts Drawing, Assembly Drawing Computer Analysis, Performance, Durability, NVH
Research Lab parts development flow chart
Parts development flow
Research area
Research area
Research area
Research area
CAE area
- Static/Fatigue/Durability Analysis
- Dynamic Characteristics Analysis
- Interpretation of heat transfer for optimization of welding condition
CAE area
Test Criteria
Hardness and Durability test
- Impact Torsion hardness test
- Torsion to each direction test
- Bearing Durability/Anti-Seizing
Inner environment Balancing test
- Bearing Sealing of Cardan Joint
- Mud Bath Test
Noise/Vibration Test
- P/Shaft Torsion test and evaluation (Rotation axis vibration evaluation)
- Structure Vibration Evaluation
- Identifying source of noise and evaluation
Equipments at Technology Research Lab
Noise/Vibration Test
Noise/Vibration Test
- 3D Measurement Machine
- Vibration measurement
- Fatigue Test Machine
- Magnetic Tester
- Metallurgical Microscope
- Universal Test Machine
- Hardness Tester
- Surface Roughness Tester
- Other Equipments
Noise/Vibration Test
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